APEC CEO Summit 2021

Join, Work, Grow. Together.
Haumi ē, Hui ē, Tāiki ē.

This virtual gathering of the world’s most powerful CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, prime ministers and presidents of APEC economies was broadcast from the Aotea Centre in central Auckland on 11 and 12 November 2021.

Read my summary of the CEO Summit here, or watch the full Summit in the videos below.

Welcome from New Zealand

APEC CEO Summit 2021 Welcome & Pōwhiri led by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei

Welcoming remarks by CEO Summit Chair, Barbara Chapman

Summit Opening Address by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Leader of the Host Economy for APEC 2021, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern delivers the opening address at the APEC CEO Summit 2021, focused on the state of the world with and post-COVID, including economic recovery, trade and protectionism.

The sustainability imperative

President of the People’s Republic of China, President Xi Jinping

New Zealand business story: AgriSea

New Zealand business story: Comvita

The economic state of the world

​As the world emerges from COVID-19, the APEC region has an opportunity to work together to create a more resilient, sustainable economy. Hear from expert speakers and panellists about the state of the economy and the important forces shaping our regional recovery.

Keynote Interview: Bob Moritz, in conversation with Seema Mody, The economic state of the world

Robert (Bob) Moritz traverses the current state of the world and implications for the region as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. After the exceptional health and economic challenges of this unprecedented shock, Bob shares insights on what business has learned through this period and what lies ahead for the future of the APEC region as it looks to rebuild and recover.

Bob is Global Chairman of PwC, having previously led the US firm as its Chairman and Senior Partner, and worked overseas with European and US-based financial services companies operating in Asia.

Seema Mody is a global markets reporter for CNBC.

​Address by ​Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Mathias Cormann.

Panel Discussion: The economic state of the world

​This panel discusses the state of the economy and the most important forces shaping the region’s recovery, drawing on progress made so far and considering how economies and businesses can best navigate the uncertain trade environment as the region looks ahead.


  • Dr Alan Bollard CNZM, Former Executive Director of APEC


  • Jan De Silva, President and Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Region Board of Trade
  • Mary Huen, Executive Director of Standard Chartered
  • John W.H. Denton AO, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce

A message from Stephen Colbert

Digital disruption

​Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, in conversation with President and Vice Chair Microsoft, Brad Smith

NZ business story: Fonterra

APEC CEO Summit video: Haumi ē, Hui ē, Tāiki ē.

NZ business story: WayBeyond

NZ Business story:  Soul Machines

Recovery with, and post COVID-19

​​Businesses across the Asia-Pacific have experienced major disruption as a result of COVID-19, putting pressure on global supply chains, trade flows and patterns. This session focuses on how the pandemic has impacted the global economy and asks: Where to from here?

President of Peru, H.E. Jose Pedro Castillo Terrones

NZ business story: Lanaco

Keynote Interview: Rt Hon Helen Clark in conversation with Jack Tame, COVID recovery

​​​As global economies begin to reopen, now is an opportune time to reflect on the dramatic events of the pandemic and consider what we can expect for the APEC region in the future. In her keynote interview, Helen Clark shares her thoughts on a path forward post-COVID, reflecting on her role as co-chair of the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response.

Helen Clark is a global leader on sustainable development, climate action, gender equality, peace and justice and global health issues. She was Prime Minister of New Zealand for three consecutive terms and a Member of Parliament for more than 27 years.

Panel Discussion: Trade in a COVID world

This panel discusses how COVID-19 has impacted global supply chains, trade and sectors across the region, examining how APEC economies and businesses can work together to navigate the global trade environment.


  • Julian Wilcox


  • Bob Pragada, President and Chief Operating Officer, Jacobs Engineering Group
  • Diane Wang, Chair and Chief Executive Officer DHgate
  • Fraser Whineray, Chief Operating Officer Fonterra

A sustainable future

​​To reshape our future, we must change how we operate in the present. This session explores the sustainability imperative, and how businesses and economy leaders must work together to create environmental change that is transformational, not incremental.

Keynote speaker: Dr David Suzuki, Sustainability and climate change

Renowned environmentalist Dr David Suzuki shares his perspective on environmental activism and explains why transformational change – not just incremental change – is required to tackle the environmental crisis. David encourages leaders from across the APEC region to think about how they can shape the future by changing what they do in the present, and living in balance with the life support systems of the planet.

Professor Emeritus at Canada’s University of British Columbia, Dr David Suzuki is a scientist, environmentalist, author and television and radio broadcaster.

Keynote speaker: Michelle Bachelet, A sustainable future

Michelle Bachelet is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Panel Discussion: A sustainable future

This panel considers the opportunity for APEC economies to implement and collaborate on sustainable solutions and environmental governance, exploring what we as a region should be doing to tackle the environmental crisis, address climate change, and foster green, resilient and inclusive growth.


  • Amy Gunia, TIME reporter


  • Rachel Taulelei, Chair APEC Business Advisory Council
  • Heekyung Jo Min, Executive Vice-President CJ CheilJedang
  • Julia Torreblanca, Vice-President, Corporate Affairs, Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde

President of Vietnam, Nguyễn Xuân Phúc

NZ business story: Microsoft Rocos

The future of energy

New forms of clean energy will be crucial to transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon future. This session explores the road ahead as we transition away from legacy infrastructure and disrupt traditional methods of producing, storing and consuming energy.

Keynote speaker: Robyn Denholm, Future energy challenges

The transport and electricity generation sectors result in over 50% of the world’s carbon emissions. Robyn Denholm addresses the Summit and talks about the future of energy, its challenges and opportunities, and what she believes can be accomplished by 2030. Robyn discusses how we are past the tipping point in the renewable energy transformation and the enormous opportunities it provides the APEC region’s economies.

Robyn Denholm is the chair of Tesla Inc. She joined the Board of Tesla in 2014 as an independent director and Chair of the audit committee and was appointed Chair of the Board of Directors in November 2018.

Panel Discussion: Future energy solutions

​This panel discusses emerging clean energy solutions and how the APEC region can lead in the rapid changes taking place across the global energy system. Panellists underscore the importance of government and business working together to deploy new technologies, establish new policies and secure the investment required to accelerate change.


  • Malcolm Johns


  • Li Zhenguo, Founder and President of LONGi
  • Sir Stephen Tindall GNZM, Co-Founder and Philanthropist
  • Dr Valerie Speth, Managing Director for Blackrock

President of the Republic of Korea, His Excellency Moon Jae-in

NZ business story: Contact Energy

The primacy of trust

With businesses rising to increasing societal expectations, trust has never been more critical – or more difficult to earn – than it is today. Learn more about openness, transparency, accountability and why relationships are the ultimate currency for business today.

Keynote speaker: Richard Edelman, The primacy of trust

As the creator of the annual Edelman Trust Barometer, Richard Edelman has become one of the foremost authorities on trust in business, government, media and NGOs. With an ongoing epidemic of misinformation and widespread mistrust of societal institutions and leaders around the world, Richard will speak about the primacy of trust, and the opportunity for business to rebuild trust and chart a new path forward to become a force for good.

Richard Edelman is President and Chief Executive of the world’s largest public relations firm, Edelman, and is an authority on the public’s trust in business, government, media and non-government organisations.

Panel Discussion: Environmental, Social and Governance

The panel shares their experiences driving ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles through business strategy and operations, emphasising the role of transparent reporting in increasing trust, producing sustainable outcomes and tackling regional inequality.


  • Diane Brady, Assistant Managing Editor, Communities and Leadership, Forbes


  • Andrew Grant, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Karen Silk, General Manager Linc Strategy Sustainability, Westpac NZ
  • Kristin Stubbins, Partner, PwC Australia

Keynote interview: Tony Fernandes in conversation with Tian Wei, Sustainable business leadership

Tony Fernandes believes that sustainability means more than just saving the environment, but also tackling environmental and social risks and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. In this conversation, Tony shares his belief that the tenets of environmental sustainability, people and economic growth should be embedded in business operations and governance.

Tony Fernandes is a Malaysian entrepreneur best known for co-founding low-cost carrier AirAsia and democratising air travel in the region.

Tian Wei is host of World Insight with Tian Wei on CGTN.

NZ business story: Westpac NZ indigenous inclusion

APEC CEO Summit 2021: The next focus for business

​A business’ positive impact goes beyond shareholder return. Learn more about why customers are paying closer attention to the companies they buy from, why employees are looking for employers who share their values, and what it all means for businesses.

President of the Republic of Indonesia, His Excellency Joko Widodo

NZ business story: Chia Sisters

Keynote speaker: Jonathan Haidt, The next focus for business

​​​​Business is blamed for some of humanity’s most intractable challenges, from change to inequality. Are the charges well founded? And does business need a new narrative to respond? Jonathan Haidt shares his insights on the morality of business, and how business can respond to these ever-changing and increasing challenges.

Jonathan Haidt is an American social psychologist whose research considers morality, its emotional foundations and cultural variations to help people understand each other.

Panel Discussion: Business as a force for good

This panel shares perspectives on the opportunities for business to respond to rising expectations and be a force for good that serves the community and makes a positive impact that goes beyond shareholder return.


  • Tian Wei, CGTN


  • Arihia Bennett, Chief Executive Officer of Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu
  • Yumiko Murakami, Co-Founder and General Partner at MPower Partners
  • Sabin M. Aboitiz, President, CEO and Director of Aboitiz Equity Ventures

NZ business story: Ohmio

Keynote speaker: Matt Kovac, A sustainable and resilient APEC food system

Matt Kovac is Executive Director at Food Industry Asia

Oceania Summit launch

NZ business story: Spring Sheep

NZ business story: Peter Beck, Rocket Lab

APEC indigenous inclusion

Ngā Atua Māori (The Māori Gods): Arataki Systems, a collaboration with Meta, MeshMinds and Maui Studios

APEC and the world

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discuss the state of the world with and post-COVID, traversing opportunities for APEC and Europe to work together as the world recovers.

Keynote discussion: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in conversation with President and Vice Chair Brad Smith

APEC CEO Summit 2021: Looking to the future

Led by the voices of youth and Indigenous business leaders, this session looks to the future and explores how we can inspire change and champion a more inclusive and resilient APEC economy for all people, including the 270 million Indigenous people who call the region home.

Keynote Interview: Jerome Foster in conversation with Tim McCready, Listening to other voices

​Jerome Foster II speaks about his work as a leader in the youth climate movement and share his views on how young leaders can advocate for social change and inspire those in power about issues that matter to them. Jerome discusses why we must include young people in leadership and give visibility to the voices of youth if we want to drive real change.

A c​limate activist, voting rights advocate and emerging technology developer, Jerome is the youngest-serving member on the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council within US President Biden’s administration.

Tim McCready is a business consultant and journalist, based in New Zealand.

APEC indigenous businesses

Panel Discussion: Looking to the Future

​This panel discusses how Indigenous groups, government and businesses can work together to develop and nurture underrepresented parts of our economy – and in doing so, achieve more inclusive and sustainable trade within the APEC region.


  • Oriini Kaipara


  • Tabatha Bull, President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Rangimarie Hunia, Chief Executive of Ngāti Whātua Ōrakei Whai Maia
  • Kristal Kinsela, Director of Kristal Kinsela Consulting Pty Ltd

The voice of future business leaders

  • Anusha Ahluwalia, Partner Development Manager, Microsoft
  • Nakia Randle, Sustainability Advisor, Contact Energy
  • Katherine Raureti, Associate Director Technology Consulting, PwC
  • Te Ao Leach, Commerce and Law student, The University of Auckland
  • Klazien Voogt, General Manager, Colombia River Technologies

Voices of the Future Declaration

​​Two of this year’s APEC Voices of the Future delegates – Sophie Handford and Lit Wei Chin present their vision for the future after two weeks of discussing, collaborating and drafting with future leaders across the region.

Digital Makers Asia Pacific: APEC App Challenge

APEC economy leader introduction: Dr Rebecca Sta Maria, Executive Director, APEC Secretariat

Prime Minister of Thailand, H.E. General Prayut Chan-o-cha

Farewell from APEC CEO Summit hosts

Closing address by CEO Summit Chair, Barbara Chapman

APEC CEO Summit 2022: Thailand Welcome from Dr Poj Aramwattananont, APEC CEO Summit 2022 Chair

Closing ceremony, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei

APEC CEO Summit 2021: What have we learnt?

For the first time ever in 2021, the APEC CEO Summit 2021 was a fully virtual event. This final session focuses on insights and highlights across the two days and reflects on ‘what’s next’ for Aotearoa New Zealand and the APEC region.

What have we learnt?

Highlights and insights from the past two days at the APEC CEO Summit. Panellists consider what we should take from the discussions throughout the APEC CEO Summit 2021.


  • Tim McCready, business consultant and journalist


  • Fran O’Sullivan ONZM, Senior Business Commentator, The New Zealand Herald
  • Brent Wilton, Principal Tuhana Business and Human Rights
  • Hannah Pattullo, graduate (finance and economics), Victoria University of Wellington

What’s next for New Zealand?

​​This panel considers what New Zealand and New Zealand businesses should be thinking about as the APEC region emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic and reconnects with the world.


  • Ziena Jalil


  • Sir Peter Gluckman, President of International Science Council; Director of Koi Tu the Centre for Informed Futures, University of Auckland
  • Theresa Gattung, CNZM
  • Christina Leef